Thursday, 30 March 2017

Evaluation Question 6

While in the process of creating my magazine, I have used many different technologies to help create the final product. The first thing I had to do was take my photographs, to do this is used a cannon EOS 450D digital SLR this camera took clear high quality images giving the photos a professional look. I had little experience using this type of camera so I had to learn how to use it with the different settings. The images for my cover content and double page spread were important so I need to take good quality images to have a successful magazine. Using this camera was a good example of technology I needed to use for the creation of my magazine and through the process I feel I have expanded my knowledge. Photoshop is another good example of a technology I had to use to create my media product. The Photoshop programme I used was Adobe Photoshop. I used this to put my magazine together and edit/ manipulate my photographs. As I created the magazine I learnt about all the different tools and options that are available to help create a magazine, this has helped me to gain further understanding about the software I was using. I had no experience with this programme which is why I think creating the preliminary magazine was vital as I had more experience when it came to my final product. I feel that I have gained further knowledge of how to use Photoshop during the designing process of my magazine   SlideShare, scribd, Animoto  and Prezi were the different ways in which I posted my research and work to my blog. I would save my work as a PDF then upload to either SlideShare or Scribd and then copy and paste the URL into the HTML section of blogger. This made my work look nearer as it helped me to organise my work. I used Animoto to create a short pitch about my magazine which I then posted to my blog. I had to learn how to use these different websites thus expanding my knowledge on different ways to create and present my work. I have used prezi to create slideshows to demonstrate my research. Most of the site I used I was unfamiliar to so I had to learn as I went along of how to use them. This was useful as I know have a better understanding on how to present my work neatly to my blog.

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