Monday, 20 March 2017

Evaluation Question 1 Draft

  1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? (i.e. of music magazines)

The genre of my magazine is pop music. The masthead of my magazine is ‘Revolution’ and I have put it at the top of the cover in a large bold front. Pop music is often new and modern which is why I decided to name the magazine Revolution because there are always new pop songs and albums being released. Additionally, I decided to go with 'Revolution' as pop music is usually brand new music that gets everyone talking which is what I want I wanted the magazine to connote, new pop music is often described as being revolutionary which is how I came to the name. The word revolution is a fairly long word which is what I wanted as I wanted it to fit across the top of the magazine without having gaps on either side. My magazine has a long masthead which is different to the magazines that are on the market. The font I chose was called ‘Elephant’ it is eye- catching and memorable and suits the style of my magazine. I used it throughout all pages of my magazine, but mainly for headings and sub headings. I think the font I have chosen is unusual for the style of my magazine, most pop magazines have sharp thin font, Q and Billboard are good examples of this, whereas I have chosen a bolder and more of a modern font. I feel that my magazine has gone against ‘normal’ conventions for a pop music magazine and I think this is shown by the way have decided to use black and white photos which is uncommon for a pop music magazine. I have also only decided to use blue and white which is different to most magazines as they tend to use a much brighter colour pallet, this could be why my magazine might have more of an ‘Indie’ look to it as I have used little colour. The layout of my magazine is unconventional for a magazine of this genre as I have kept mine simplistic and minimalistic, which is different to what existing pop music magazines do. A majority of music magazine have busy and overcrowded look to them which is something I wanted to avoid. When taking my photos, I considered advice from Roger Black 'A single image of a human will sell more copies than multiple images or all type' I used this information as I decided to have one person who features on the cover of my magazine. I also followed another price of advice from roger Black, he stated that you should 'never set a lot of text type in all caps. As after a while it's just to hard too read. This advice helped me as I did consider typing in capitals to make the text stand out however, I decided not to go with this idea in case my audience find it difficult to read.

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