Friday, 31 March 2017

Evaluation Question 5

How did you attract/address your audience?
I tried to use different ways to attract and address my audience but the main way was through the front cover. I used different features such as the language, font, and layout to help contribute to make my magazine stand out to my intended audience. The font I used for the masthead and subheadings was ‘Elephant’, this font is bold and stands out yet it does not make the page look too cluttered and busy. I used a different and more simple font for pieces on information that were less important or didn’t need to stand out as much as the subheadings and masthead. The font I used was ‘footlight’ and I used it for the interview on the double page spread. The interviewers’ questions were in the ‘elephant’ font and the answers were in ‘footlight’, this made the interview easy to read and easer to identify which were the questions and which were the answers. This was important as my target audience is quite young so it needed to flow to keep them reading on. I had to address my audience using language. My audience is 13-20years old so I needed to use informal language as this is more appropriate for my age group. Informal language is more interesting to read and will relate more to the language that my target audience will use themselves. I also had to consider the layout and give my magazine a look that would attract my audience. By doing this it allows my audience to relate to the magazine as the text and language is something my readers will be use to therefore making it recognisable. Layout: I used a simple layout to attract my audience as I wanted a magazine where my audience would immediately be drawn to. To do this I positioned the masthead at the top so it is memorable and eye-catching and this links back to the choice of font. I used a mid- close up shot with my model in the centre with cover lines down each side of the page, this was a simple yet effective method but I think it gave the magazine a tidy and sophisticated look. As for the colour scheme, I used black, white and dark blue/ navy. I only wanted to have 3 colours as if the cover had too many colours it would look to busy and may appeal to an even younger audience. By using these colours, I hoped that it would appeal to both men and women. I wanted my magazine to be minimalistic so it is simple yet effective at reaching my target audience. My questionnaire also helped me to decide on the colour scheme, I asked people to select what colour pallet they would prefer for a magazine and most people said black and white. I used this information but I decided to add the blue as I think just black and white would have given the magazine a more indie look. I used the layout of my contents page to help attract my audience, I did this by again by using a simple easy to read layout. This was important as if the page looked messy the reader would not be able to find page numbers for sections they wanted to read. The contents page is important as it consists of detailed descriptions of my magazines features, this way the read can choose what they want to read depending on their personal interests. I think that overall I have successfully managed to attract and address my audience, I have done this through the styling of the model on the cover, the layout and the language. I used my questionnaire feedback and existing magazines research to identify what worked and what methods they used to address and attract their audience. I used poses similar to ones I discovered on existing magazines and then I applied this to my own magazine. The image of my model on the cover looks natural as she is not over posed. I think this helps as it gives the magazine a more simplistic look rather than a busy/ messy look like other magazines from this genre.

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