Friday, 17 March 2017

Evaluation Question 4 Draft

4. Who would be the audience for your media product?

The target audience for my magazine would be 13-20-year old’s. The magazine is likely to appeal to more women than men.This could be due to the style and look of the overall magazine. The genre of my magazine is pop music and this is key to designing a magazine that will appeal to the correct age group. My questionnaire helped me to identify what age group would be most interested in my magazine. For my questionnaire, I asked how old they were and which artists they listen to. Most of the people who completed the questionnaire were 16-18 and listed pop music by artists such as one republic and Zara Larsson. This was key information as I could Identify what age group is likely to want to read a magazine that is about new and upcoming pop music artists. I think I have chosen a sutiable age range for my magazine as 13 to 20 year old's are most likely to be interested in pop music. After identifying my target audience, I asked what magazines they read and were interested in, this way I could look at what existing magazines my target audience like. Most said they enjoyed reading Q and Billboard which I used as inspiration for my own magazine. I completed four audience profiles of people I know who are in the age range of my target audience:

Name: Millie Wragg

Gender: female


Hobbies/ interests: makeup, beauty, nails and hair

Favourite artists: Zara Larsson and Drake

Favourite clothes shop: H and M, Zara and New Look

Favourite magazine: Billboard magazine

Millie is a perfect example of a person who fits in with my target audience. She likes style and fashion and is always keeping up with the most recent trends. She also enjoys reading pop music magazines and discovering more about her favourite artists. Audience profiles provide a good indication of what people in my target audience are interested in. I incorporated clothing styles into my magazine by dressing my model in a simple grey jumper.

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