Friday, 17 March 2017

Evaluation Question 3 Draft

  1. What kind of media institution might distribute your media product and why?

There is a large selection of distribution companies that could potentially publish my magazine. There are many successful companies that have had experience with the distribution of music magazines from the same genre as mine. After looking at my prior research into the analysis of media institutions, I found a number of worldwide distributors which means they distribute magazines globally, reaching more people. Bauer media group is a good example of a distribution company as they own around 570 magazines, 50 TV and radio stations and 300 digital media products. They distribute a number of well-known magazines such as Q and NME. This is why I think using Bauer media group would be beneficial to the growth and success of my magazine. They have a good reputation for publishing magazines including pop music magazines. They understand the processes of publishing in a way that would reach a wide audience. I also considered Prometheus Global media, I found that Prometheus publish Billboard magazine, which is a pop music magazine with the same target audience as my magazine. Prometheus GM clearly are good at what they do and this can be shown by how successful Billboard magazine is. Overall I think I would choose Bauer Media Group to distribute my magazine due to the success of existing magazines that they distribute, I decided that Bauer would be a trustworthy company who would ensure that my magazine would be read by my target audience.  

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