Friday, 17 March 2017

Evaluation Question 2 Draft

  1. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

With the help of my prior audience research and audience profiles I think I have managed to successfully establish and represent a social group that would link to magazine genre. To do this the styling of my model on the cover was very important. My target audience is 13- 20 year olds and a majority of teenagers wear simple clothing like black jeans and tops which is why I decided to style my model in clothing that most of my target audience would wear (Black skinny jeans and a baggy grey hoddie) this makes my magazine look more credible and appeal to my intended audience. If the front cover and image are not good it is unlikely someone would pick it up as the cover represents what the rest of the magazine is like. I knew I wanted to have a young female pop artist on the cover as I think females are doing well in the music industry and so are younger artists. My research and planning into existing magazines found that the front cover to a magazine is important as this is the first thing someone would see, so this is where you would need to establish a social group. My magazine needs to appeal to teenagers so I tried to give it a mainstream look which will help it to apply to a bigger social group or audience.  

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