Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Magazine Title and Audience Feedback

My chosen name for my magazine is 'Revolution'. As the genre of my magazine is pop I wanted a name that linked to my chosen style of music. I decided to go with 'Revolution' as pop music is usually brand new music that gets everyone talking which is what I want I wanted the magazine to connote. new music is often described as being revolutionary which is how I got the idea for the name. My audience feedback helped me to identify what people though of the idea for my magazine. After watching my pitch, most people said that the colour scheme fits in with my chosen style of music and that the title works well. I also asked people what music artists they would expect to see in this style of magazine. This question helped me as now I can identify what sort of artist I could mention in my magazine and who my target audience is interested in. The majority of the people I asked said that £4 per month is a reasonable amount for a monthly magazine. Most of the people who filled out my audience feedback said they were aged between 16 and 18 so this was useful as I now know what my target audience look for in a magazine.   

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