Sunday, 15 January 2017

Audeince Research

My magazine style will be pop music, it is important to identify who I need to be aiming my magazine at so I can design my magazine with a target audience in mind. To carry out my research I have looked at existing magazines and have found out what age ranges are most interested in them. For magazines like 'Vibe', 'Billboard' and 'i-D' the age range is 15 to 25. I am using all these magazines as inspiration for my own magazine and as I have chosen the same style as them, so I will have the same target audience. I will try to aim my magazine more towards women as research shows that women listen to pop music more than men. My target audience will mainly be teenagers so the magazine will need to include celebrity names, a good title and a eye-catching cover. The magazine shouldn't look too busy instead it should be simple, this way teenagers wont be put off reading it due to the big chunks of text. the magazine needs to stich to the main stream theme as the website 'UKtribes' states that 'Mainstream Tribes prefer to stick with what’s safe rather than rock the boat'.

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