Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Draft Interview

So Rachel how is life now that you’re famous?

Well it's different to the quiet life I'm used to because now I get people coming up to me in the street and asking for photos, it's so weird having so many people know who you are! Although I would say that I’m not that famous, I’m nothing compared to Zara Larson or Ed Sheeran!

How did you get into the music industry?

Well like a lot of people these days I started out by posting singing videos on YouTube and when I started to get noticed I created a band called the collision with my mates. After a while I was getting more and more subscribers and likes for each video I posted. Then one day got a message on social media from a record company who later released my first single. Then we got more    attention which encouraged us to make more music. But it all started out when I was given my first guitar when I was 10 and straight away I knew I wanted to be a music artist.

So did you and your band expect to become this famous?

No, definitely not! I just started writing songs and then I’d meet up with the band and we’d start recording. We never thought we would get this far and we can’t to see what we’ll be doing in the future. It’s still hard to believe how far we’ve come and the band and I don’t like to use the word ‘famous’ because sometimes it doesn’t feel like we are. We don’t like to say it in case people treat us differently because of our ‘celebrity status’

Can we expect any more music in the future? 

Yes! Definitely! Me and the band are working on a new album right now which we hope to     release at the end of this year! There is going to be some great new songs that I think everyone is going to love. We are also planning on going on tour in 2018 although it depends on how busy we all are. I’d love to go on tour as I think it would help get us out there and boost our image. Plus, I would love to give our fans the opportunity to come and see us live! We also have some more plans but I can’t tell you about them just yet because they are not official! So yes you can definitely expect some new stuff from us in the future. Oh and we might be bringing out some merchandise for our fans to buy like t-shirts, signed photos and much more but we’ll tell you more about that when we release them.

What advice would you give to young people who are interested to get into the music industry?

I’d say to go for it! Keep practicing and when you get more confident start making yourself known on social media. Create YouTube channels and Instagram pages to help you get your name out there! Try collaborating with other aspiring music artists and make connections with them this is great and the fans love it. I would also recommend going to music or singing classes to help you get better at what you want to do. Once I started to get more popular I took up vocal lessons to help improve my singing voice and I think they really helped and after a few, my teacher thought I was becoming professional.

 What inspired you to become a music artist?

Well I absolutely love Zara Larsson and her music and I wanted to be just like her so I started writing songs. Also my family love music so they encouraged me to write songs and when they found out that I could sing they booked singing lessons for me to help me develop my voice. So I’d say that my family inspired me to become who I am and they inspire me to keep going.

 Okay and just one last question. Have you lost any friends because of your rise to fame?

Well there are some people who I don’t speak to as much anymore but that’s just because I’m not around as much to see them. Also when I was still in school it sometimes got a bit awkward with people and I think they might have got a bit nervous talking to me. Also when I started to get more popular on the internet people at school started to treat me differently and suddenly everyone wanted to become my best friend it was so weird and I didn’t like it. So I wouldn’t say I lost any friends it’s just that we don’t talk as much anymore. But even though I’ve lost some people I’ve    definitely met loads of new people.




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